Where fashion meets nature.
buckle made of used wood offcuts,
combined with sustainable braided cotton.
Made to order, no stock waste.

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You can select different elements and assemble your Wood Belt combination.
Choose between accessible SIMPLE series, functional SLIDE series, adjustable WEDGE series, fashionable NUT series, and unique LIMITED series.


LIMITED series is our unique and selected combination of buckles and belt materials.
Series combines design and functionality with luxury, innovative, fashionable and sustainable materials.
LIMITED series is a result of joint development with our fashion industry partners.


RoumianaNovember 27, 2020

TimOctober 25, 2020

SophieSeptember 2, 2020

Wood Belt story

Wood Belt is far more than just producing and selling products.
It is our way to make people feel good, look good and do good.

Based on not-for-profit mentality and impact design process
Wood Belt combines wish to employ underserved groups
while producing unique products with added value for society and the planet.

Wood Belt is a story about people, vision, values, ambitions and impact.
You can read more about our story here.

Choose your impact

The founder of Wood Belt, Primoz, believes strongly that all our personal choices make a difference and impact. Our story shows how the Wood Belt concept was born and how we can change the world.

To prevent overconsumption, we encourage you to think if you need a belt before buying. In addition, we promote repair, reuse and refurbishment. Finally, we invite you to sign your Impact Fashion Pledge to help you create your Impact Fashion Style.

But you can make an impact also in any other way you want.
Find ideas on  Choose your impact campaign.

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No metal belt

A no-metal belt makes your travelling easier

Have you ever asked yourself how you could shorten the time spent at the security check at the airports? Most of us probably wear pants that need a belt. But, there is no doubt that, when travelling by plane, taking off and putting your belt back on at the airports is a little annoying. Not life and death annoying, but still. And that’s where our story about a no-metal belt comes to play.“It’s finally time to unplug and head...

Wood Belt buckle

Wood Belt buckle

A wood belt buckle is not often used in the belt industry. Buckles are a common way to fasten belts. Often a metal-frame buckle may catch in holes punched into the belt. Sometimes the end of a belt is woven through the buckle to fasten it. And other belt buckles hook to fasten the belt.Buckles can be very decorative-covered with fabric, studded with rhinestones, or elaborately carved or melded. The belt buckle that we know today has evolved over...

Wood belt as a unique impact product

Wood Belt as a unique impact product

Wood belt is a belt with a wooden buckle, so there are no metal parts included. That makes it unique and special. Furthermore, Wood Belt is the name of the brand whose products comply with Impact Fashion principles. It is a story about people, vision, values, ambitions and impact.The history of belts is very interesting. Belts are one of the oldest and most enduring pieces of human clothing. Over its centuries of use, the belt has had numerous modifications...


What makes Wood Belt a sustainable belt?

We say that Wood Belt is a sustainable belt, but what exactly makes the product sustainable?A simple definition of sustainability is the ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level. For a product to be sustainable, it must be possible to produce and/or consume it in a way that doesn’t result in harm or destruction. Furthermore, we can find sustainable product standards:Doesn’t deplete natural, non-renewable resources: A sustainable product is made from renewable resources; in other...

Impact Fashion

Is impact fashion only a trend or can become a serious global movement?

We believe that Impact Fashion will develop and grow. Ethical and sustainable fashion has been gathering momentum globally in the past decade. Many companies have embraced the concept of sustainability and have implemented it in the business. These companies have understood that integrating social and environmental issues with business will yield long-term benefits to the company. More and more people prefer sustainability and social responsibility when buying products. Impact fashion products are better for people, animals, and the planet...