As an impact fashion product Wood Belt has two elements.

The physical element

  • Wooden buckle patented as invention. Patent number: 25569
  • Registered by Slovenian Crafstmans’s chamber as crafts products
  • No iron or metal is used
  • Local wood is used
  • Sustainable certified leather is used
  • Circular lines are using re-used materials
  • Cork lines are vegan approved
  • High quality finishing
  • Long life guarantee for the buckle
  • Customized according to preference customer

The impact element

  • Wood Belt Impact Fashion Index (IFI): 8,5 / 11.
  • Victims of violence are included into development, production and sales processes
  • Profit is re-invested for employment and the support for the social enterprise start ups of victims of violence and volnurable groups 
  • Wood Belt brand is promoting zero tolerance violence policy 
  • Belts are suitable for anyone allergic to metal
  • Use of belts is saving time at security screenings (airports etc.) since belts don’t need to be removed; both for security services as also buyers
  • Belts are crafted by artisans in Slovenia, maintating craftsmanship knowledge while encouraging inter-generational co-operation of artisans
  • The production and sale are based on the WFTO’s ten principles of Fair Trade
  • We are building partners and customers community with empathy for society challenges
  • The sale of Wood Belt belts supports “Giving Tuesday” – a global charity campaign in which we operate locally


Wood Belt is produced in compliance with Impact Fashion principles.

Vulnerable social groups are included in the development, manufacture and marketing of our products. The different Wood Belt models are named for their individual qualities and stories. The NO symbol represents the unacceptability of the use of belts for violence. The production and sale of our belts are based on the WFTO’s ten principles of fair trade.

Since Wood Belt belts have no metal parts, you can go through security screenings at airports and other locations quickly and comfortably, without removing your belt. The ON symbol in the logo indicates that the belt does not have to be removed.

To manage all Wood Belt impacts we use Impact Fashion Index (IFI). Wood Belt IFI: 8,5 / 11.

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