Grossglocker Clever 409

hemp │ 40mm


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Grossglockner collection

Grossglockner collection
Grossglockner collection

We designed the collection together with our fashion partner Himal.

It is intended for those inspired by the wooden textile and craftsmanship tradition.

The belt is fixed to the buckle with sewing.

We use high-quality and locally produced hemp in a beautiful natural colour.

You can choose between two different buckles suitable for business and casual wear.

A unique combination of the designer’s wooden buckles and sustainable material couldn’t be more functional.

No metal, no allergies, airport friendly.

Easy repair and re-use.

At the end of the journey, all models are biodegradable.

The collection is based on the Impact Design with high social and environmental impact.

Feel good. Look good. Do good.

Classic series

CLASSIC series is our combination of beautiful buckles and quality belt materials. For this purpose, we don’t use our patented modular fixation system. Instead, sewing enables the underserved to gain technical skills and increases impact for them, local communities, our partners and us. We combine fashionable and sustainable design and materials with social impact.

  • Belt fixed to buckle with sewing
  • No metal parts
  • Size adjustment level: hard
  • Possible personalisation
  • Repair and re-use possible
Woodbelt classic series
Woodbelt classic series

Grossglockner options

Buckle model

Wood type



Brave is a slightly curved buckle n a timeless rectangular shape. Minimalistic design demands less craftsmanship handwork.


Clever is a slightly curved buckle with a rounded shape matching both casual as business wear. Minimalistic design demands less craftsmanship handwork.


Walnut is a straight-grained hardwood that is very strong and stable with the beautiful color range.

Belt material

Material color

nuo textile


Hemp is ecologically and sustainably important, often referred to as the world’s most useful plant. It is strong and durable and offers protection against UV light.


Black is timeless belt material color for any occasion.

Belt width


40 mm

A belt width of 40 mm is usual for casual belts.

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Engraving text on the top side of the wooden button.

Price: 20,00 €

Engraving text on the back side of the buckle.

Price: 20,00 €


Personalisation logo

Engraving logo on the top side of the wooden button.

Price: 20,00 €

Engraving logo on the back side of the buckle.

Price: 20,00 €

Each wooden buckle has a different grain and appearance. Note that, because of this variance, actual products may look slightly different than pictured. In addition, natural wood changes in colour as it ages over time, developing a patina unique to that wood. Wood is natural, and variations in its pattern, colour, texture make each piece of our belts unique.

Due to the nature of leather, colour may vary. Colour, grain, or texture variations and natural markings are because leather is a natural product with unique characteristics that differ from pictures. We produce circular leather belts of re-used materials or leather remains. Each has a specific colour scale. Colours may be different from the image that makes each of our belts unique.