• Wooden buckle patented as invention. Patent number: 25569
• Registered by Slovenian Crafstmans’s chamber as crafts products
• No iron or metal is used
• Local wood is used. Mostly we use leftovers from wooden industry to reduce the waste
• Leather has environnemental certificate (LWG)
• Use of leather as a by-product of the food industry, addressing the problem of waste disposal
• The leather is tanned using natural plant – based tannins. As opposed to synthetic products, tannins come from renewable sources and are valued for their antioxidant, antibiotic and antibacterical properties
• The production process of our tanneries is metal-free, and it always has been, thanks to the raw materials linked to the centuries-old history of vegetable tanning. Traditional and natural products are used in a production process which respects the precepts of sustainability and circularity
• Circular lines are using re-used materials
• Cork lines are PCT vegan approved
• For leather, we use water-based adhesives
• Wood is protected with oils certified for use in the food industry
• High quality finishing
• Long life guarantee for the wooden part
• Possible to personalise according to customer preference


Wood Belt quality is a result of careful and accurate process.
Wood craftmanship includes:

• Carefully selected woods.
• Milling to length and width.
• Cutting following the grain of the wood.
• Sanding.
• Bevelling edges.
• Cut-outs.
• Front and back carving.
• Cross- and lengthwise cutting.
• Planing and moulding.
• Burnishing edges.
• Cutting into elements.
• CNC cutting.
• Turning dowels.
• Drilling belt holes.
• Sharpening.
• Gluing.
• Final formatting of length and width.
• Final sanding.
• Oiling.
• Polishing.
• Engraving.


The quality of Wood Belt belts is guaranteed through the cooperation of several master craftspeople, and we have invested all of our know-how and care into their production. Therefore we offer a lifetime warranty on the wooden parts of Wood Belt belts.

It’s a good idea to take care of your belt even while you are wearing it. Wood Belt belts have to be worn with care and with the understanding that wood is a  natural and breakable material. The wooden part of the belt (the buckle) is oiled, and therefore should occasionally be wiped with a dry cloth. Clean the leather part with a damp cloth, adding a bit of mild antibacterial soap if you like, and dry gently with a dry cloth. After drying, the belt can be treated with a leather conditioner, which will keep the leather soft and reduce cracking.


The manufacture of products, including belts, affects the environment and the stocks of natural resources and raw materials, and generates waste. Since the resources are limited, they have to be managed with care.

The guiding principle of a circular economy is a positive materials loop, which is oriented towards the re-use, repair and recycling of existing materials and products.

Opportunities for the application of circular economy principles have to be sought starting from the development, planning and design of the product, the selection of the materials and the selection of the production processes right through to the waste management process.


We do not like waste. We also think sometimes we don’t need new things if there is a way to bring new life to existing ones.
Wood Belt Together forever repair is dedicated to keep your existing belt alive and assure new adventures for both of you.
We can repair your belt or maybe refurbish it with our wooden buckle or combine some other used and new components.
Send e-mail to info@woodbelt.eu with a picture of your belt and describe your wishes.
Dedicated to re-use principles we promise to do our best.