Use of recycled materials

For our Wood Belt Circular line we paid special attention to the re-use of recycled materials, as the belts are made of used fabric, tent flies, sailcloth, and organic materials such as hemp, etc. Due to the limited availability of these materials, the batches are usually smaller and even more unique.

At the same time, we invite our customers to think about useful ways to re-use old.

Wood Belt belts, either by swapping your wardrobe or using old belts to make new fashion accessories, useful household products, etc.

You can always return your belts to us, so that we can include them to the greatest possible extent in the production of new belts, or together with our partners in other re-use processes.

Stories of fair trade

Wood Belt belts are made according to the principles of diversified social holding of the social enterprise Impact, of Kranj, Slovenia. The production and sale of our belts are based on the WFTO’s ten principles of fair trade. Vulnerable social groups are included in the development, manufacture and marketing of our products. The different Wood Belt models are named for their individual qualities and stories.

The NO symbol represents the unacceptability of the use of belts for violence.

The sale of Wood Belt belts is part of Giving Tuesday a global charity campaign in which we operate locally – part of the revenues from the sale of Wood Belt belts is allocated for the employment of people from vulnerable groups in the places where the belts were purchased.

Wood Belt Health

If anything, the key value in these times is health. The increasing prevalence of allergic diseases is caused by low quantities of allergens that are normally found in our everyday environment.

What is allergic contact dermatitis?
It is an inflammatory reaction that makes the skin red, itchy and flaky. In extreme forms it can appear as swelling, blisters and suppuration from damaged areas of skin.

What causes allergic contact dermatitis?
It is caused by the immune system, which reacts to a certain allergen that a person comes into direct contact with. These allergens are usually tiny compounds that are capable of penetrating the outer layer of skin. Allergic diseases are caused by low quantities of allergens that are normally found in our everyday environment. The metals nickel and cobalt (used in piercing and other jewellery, coins, etc.) are now considered common allergens.

Wood Belt belts do not contain metals or metal alloys, and therefore by wearing them you avoid exposure to common allergens.

The leather parts of Wood Belt belts do not contain pentachlorophenol, formaldehydes, hexavalent chromium or other harmful substances. The leather is tanned and finished in Italy without the use of toxic chemicals using the Ecoderm process. The leather is not made from the hides of species listed as threatened or protected under the Washington Convention.