Women’s Belt SMILE Black Colour

Women’s Belt SMILE Black Colour

Women’s free time belt, leather color black, buckle from beech, single-ply natural leather, stitched, wooden packaging.


  • Model: SMILE
  • Type: Women's model
  • Buckle: Beech
  • Color: Black
  • Width: 35mm


Women’s free time belt, leather color black, buckle from beech, single-ply natural leather, stitched, wooden packaging. 

How to choose the correct length of a Wood Belt?
Wood Belt women’s and men’s belts come in three different lengths: Small, Medium, Large and the lengths are also given in cm.
The nominal length of the belt (e.g. 105 cm) means the distance from the end of the wooden buckle to the middle hole in the belt, and is equivalent to the waist measurement of the person who will wear it.
The actual length of the belt is usually 10-15 cm longer than the nominal length.

WOOD BELT -a belt whose buckle and prong are made entirely of wood.
WOOD BELT – no metal parts means it does not have to be removed during airport security screening and is suitable for anyone allergic to metals and metal alloys.
WOOD BELT – developed and hand-made in Slovenia with a global patent.

Airport security screening
Since Wood Belt belts have no metal parts, you can go through security screenings at airports and other locations quickly and comfortably, without removing your belt.

The ON symbol in the logo indicates that the belt does not have to be removed.

This allows the wearer to remain comfortable while wearing the belt and to save time (statistically, if everyone wore Wood Belt belts when arriving at the airport we would save 441 years’ worth of time every year).


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