Our Story


Impact Fashion
Our main activities in last years were making products, services, industries and policies more in public benefit. In the fashion industry already various forms of sustainable and responsible fashion focus on minimizing the harm of the industry. Our aim is not only to limit harm but rather to maximize positive footprint (impact) of fashion on society.
We do that by linking development, production and use of products and services with society challenges.
Impact process called “Impactisation” is our methodological production method resulting in balanced social, environmental, economic and innovative impacts on the society.
We operate as a non-profit social enterprise and we named our business model Impact Fashion. In other words; our products have a physical element (the belt itself) and a impact element (maximized positive impact on the society).

Why making an impact?
The founder of Woodbelt, Primoz, believes strongly that all our personal choices make difference and have impact. Including “major” (I have 5 kids) or “smaller” ones (I wear Wood Belt). And we should practice (impactise) specially smaller, day by day choices.
In the case Primoz, he was employing 5 victims of violence in 2015-2017. They worked in the office on EU projects and they didn’t really enjoyed their “paper and documents” jobs. They wanted to do something more “concrete”, with their “hands”. Linking their wish to work in this area is only possible and sustainable (for them also means safe) if producing competitive product with added value.
The concept of Wood Belt was born.
I want to show that – also for people not having major experience in a certain industry) – impactisation process can be a business model that can result in sustainable business even in an industry as competitive as textile.

How are we making an impact?
Vulnerable social groups are included in the development, manufacture and marketing of our products. The different Wood Belt models are named for their individual qualities and stories. The NO symbol represents the unacceptability of the use of belts for violence. The production and sale of our belts are based on the WFTO’s ten principles of fair trade.
Since Wood Belt belts have no metal parts, you can go through security screenings at airports and other locations quickly and comfortably, without removing your belt. The ON symbol in the logo indicates that the belt does not have to be removed.
The sale of Wood Belt belts supports “Giving Tuesday” – a global charity campaign in which we operate locally – part of the revenues from the sale of Wood Belt belts is allocated for the employment of people from vulnerable groups in the places where the belts were purchased.