The founder of Wood Belt, Primoz, believes strongly that all our personal choices make a difference and impact. Including “major” (I have five kids) or “smaller” ones (I wear Wood Belt). We should practice (impactise) smaller, day by day choices.

In the case of Primoz, he employed five victims of violence in 2015-2017. They worked in the office on EU projects, and they didn’t enjoy their “paper and documents” jobs. They wanted to do something more “concrete” with their “hands”. Linking their wish to work in this area is only possible and sustainable if producing a competitive product with added value.

The concept of the Wood Belt was born. I want to show that the impact design process can be a business model that can result in sustainable business even in an industry as competitive as fashion.



To create an international operating brand based on the impact design process.


To grow international and by this have a sustainable business and secured future for people in need.


We are using the impact design process as the fundament of the brand to leave a positive footprint behind.

We want to link products and services to society challenges. Our business model is not financially motivated. As a brand with a non-profit mentality, we value social and environmental objectives.

We want to build partnerships for the co-creation of Impact Fashion.


Feel good. Look good. Do good.
Wood Belt, choose your impact.


Partnership with local wooden and leather craftsman
First belt prototypes
First testings on airports


Classic series developed – combined wooden buckle and leather
Wood Belt logo designed by Mitja Bokun
Wooden buckle patented as an invention. patent number: 25569
Wooden box gift package designed and developed by Ivo Butkovič


Jan Brabers designing new buckle collection
Registered by Slovenian Crafstmans’s chamber as crafts products
New partnership with local wooden craftsman
Participation in our first agents fair in Italy
Start selling on ETSY
New belt materials – cork from Portugal and re-used leather from Slovenia


New leather supplier from Italy
New partnership with local leather craftsman
Wood Belt brand registered
Start selling on Mimovrste.si
First agents in Italy, France, Sweden, Canada and the UK
Wooden suitcase designed and developed by Ivo Butkovič
WB social media (FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram)
NUT and WEDGE series developed
Photo shooting by Slabe scene
WB invited to Amazon Launchpad
www.woodbelt.eu enabling modular assembly of belts
A first partnership project with Himal, Nepal
We sell WB products in 7 countries: Canada, USA, Italy, United Kingdom, Hungary, Switzerland, Slovenia


New belt materials added – wood, hemp, cotton and NUO wood-textile
Participating in Maker Mela Fair, India (February)
Presentation at web portal Sustainability Champions (February)
Lesson learnt with Artis Fashion Group (February-December)
Competing for the Red Dot Award 2021 (March)
Start selling on Amazon (March)
New SLIDE series developed (March)
New LIMITED series (April)
New SIMPLE series (June)
Award “Lesarski presežek 2021” (July)
Social media presence – Instagram profile with 10k followers (July)
Membership in Common Objective platform (July)
Social media presence – TikTok and Pinterest (August)
A partnership project with Aqua and Rock, UK (participating in the London Fashion Week, September)
1st order on Ankorstore (September)
Start selling on Faire (October)
Re-design of web page www.woodbelt.eu (November)
Selected to Flying Solo NYFW Ones to Watch in the New York Fashion Week 2022 (November)
1st Wood Belt Catalog (November)
Finding master agency for the USA (December)

We sell WB products in 15 countries. The new eight countries in 2021 are Austria, France, Germany, Israel, Sweden, Romania, Japan, Portugal.