Our main activities in the last years were making products, services, industries and policies more for public benefit. The impact process called impact design is our methodological production method resulting in balanced social, environmental and economic impacts on society. At the same time, impact design results in new, innovative and more competitive products and services.

Our first attempt was in the tourism industry, where we started in 2014 with the development of Impact Tourism. We defined 10+1 impact fields where we manage impacts. In 2020 – based on the support of the Slovenian Tourist Association, European Economic and Social Committee opinion and European Union funds – we developed and are managing a network called WITH – World Impact Tourism Habitat.


Various forms of sustainable fashion focus on minimizing harm. However, we aim to maximize fashion’s positive footprint (impact) on society. We do that by linking development, production and use of products and services with society challenges.

In other words – impact fashion products have a physical element and an impact element – maximized positive impact on the society.

Impact fashion design (as an action) is an innovative methodological production method where milestones are the creation/modification of fashion policies, strategies, processes, business models or creation/modification of individual fashion products.


By developing Impact fashion, we want to create a global family, a community of individuals, organizations, companies, public and private stakeholders that share the same values, which is why we called it Impact Fashion Family – IFF.

To become a member of IFF, you need to sign the Impact Fashion Pledge – a statement that you will follow the basic principles of Impact Fashion. The collaboration and membership are voluntary and do not incur any financial obligations. It would give us great pleasure to have you on board in helping us co-creating a community and by raising awareness on the values of Impact Fashion.

For sample statements and information on IFF, please write to