The red NO symbol in the logo represents the unacceptability of the use of belts for violence. As also the unacceptability of any violence.

The green ON symbol in the logo indicates that people with allergies to metal alloys can also use the belt, it can always stay on, and there is no need to be removed.


• • Wood Belt Impact Fashion Index (IFI): 8,5/11
• WB profit is re-invested for the employment of underserved groups
• We donate 5 EUR from each sold belt in our internet store to employ underserved groups in local communities where we sold the belt
• Wood Belt brand is promoting a zero-tolerance violence policy
• We include underserved groups in development, production and sales processes
• The different Wood Belt models are named for their individual qualities and stories
• Belts are crafted by artisans in Slovenia, maintaining craftsmanship knowledge while encouraging inter-generational cooperation of artisans
• The production and sale are based on the WFTO’s ten principles of Fair Trade
• We are building partners and customers community with empathy for society challenges


Wood Belt Choose your impact campaign supports the Giving Tuesday movement. You can find more about Giving Tuesday here. All our personal choices make a difference and have an impact.

So do yours. You can start with small things and gives – making someone smile, helping a neighbour or stranger out, showing up for an issue or people we care about or sharing some of what we have to those who need our help. Every act of generosity counts, and everyone has something to give.

You can find ideas on how to create impact in our Choose your impact videos. Then, please share your story with us on our social media.


Choose your impact. We invite you to buy our products or donate.

Donation will cover the costs of the trainings for the underserved groups to work in the fashion industry.

Every 30 EUR enables 1 hour training program.